HISTORY: 283 / 4.6

[] 283 / 4.6L

3.736 in Bore

3.00 in Stroke

283 CID 1957-1967

  The 265 ci V-8 was bored out to 3.875 in. in 1957, giving it a 283 cu in (4,638 cc) displacement. The first 283 motors used the stock 265 blocks. However, the overbore to these blocks resulted in thin cylinder walls. Future 283 blocks were recast to accept the 3.875 bore. Five different versions between 185 hp and 283 hp were available, depending on whether a single carb, twin carbs, or fuel injection was used. Fuel injection yielded the most power topping out at 315 HP in 1961. Horse power was up a bit each year for 1958, 1959, and 1960. The 1957 Ramjet mechanical fuel injection version produced an even 1 hp per cubic inch (61 hp/L), an impressive feat at the time. This was the third U.S.-built production V8 to produce one horsepower per cubic inch.

  Besides being available in the Chevrolet line, it was optional in Checker Taxis beginning in 1965. A version of it that was built by GM Canada was also available in Studebakers produced in Canada for 1965 & 1966.

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