HISTORY: 267 / 4.4

[] 267 / 4.4L

3.50 in Bore

3.48 in Stroke

267 CID 1979-1982

  The 267 was introduced in 1979 for GM F-Body (Camaro), G-bodies (Chevrolet Monte Carlo, El Camino, and Malibu Classic) and also used on GM B-body cars (Impala and Caprice models). The 267 CID engine had the 350's crankshaft stroke of 3.48" and the smallest bore of any small-block, 3.500 in.

 It was only available with a Rochester Dualjet 210 – effectively a Rochester Quadrajet with no rear barrels. After 1980, electronic feedback carburetion was used on the 267. The 267 also saw use in 1980 to 1982 Checker Marathons.

 While similar in displacement to the other 4.3L(265)–4.4L(267) V8 engines produced by General Motors (including the Oldsmobile 260 and Pontiac 265), the small bore 267 shared no parts with the other engines and was phased out after the 1982 model year due to inability to conform to emission standards. Chevrolet vehicles eventually used the 305 cu in (5.0 L) as their base V8 engine.

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